Monday, November 23, 2009


Some of you may recognize this room from the flood of '09 post. It's one of the main living spaces in our basement and definitely one of the most used rooms in our home. If the boys, husband included, could live here, they would. Well last week I came across an amazing giveaway offered by Brooke and Mark on the blog Velvet and Linen. The prize, times three, is a beautiful coffee table from Mark's company Bobo Intriguing Objects. Needless to say, I really wanted to win, so I sent in a snapshot of my room and waited and waited. Well, the ten finalists were announced this morning and sadly, my room didn't make the cut. But it was fun giving my space a little attention, a little star treatment. And I loved playing stylist, even if the pay kinda stinks.

So now I have a file full of snapshots and I thought I'd share some of the outtakes.

The grapes are a bit of an obsession of mine, they are vintage lucite/acrylic from the 60's and '70's, I think, often with a fabulous bit of driftwood attached as the stem. I have them scattered throughout our home, probably enough to start a small plastic vineyard. ;0) I've gotten all of mine from the great land of eBay.

The coffee table, which I actually love and was going to relocate to another part of the house had I won, is the Scando Family Table from modern seed. It is wonderfully kid safe, no sharp corners, has a great scooped end for my piles of magazines and books, and appeals to grown-ups with it's sexy curves and low profile. It has served us well as table, performance stage, and overall indestructible surface for three rather destructive young boys.

The vintage black painted table and matching stools have a long family history and are rather well traveled for a set of table and chairs. They belonged to my uncle when he was a child and emigrated with my family from the Ukraine some 30+ years ago. The set is actually a chess table with a little drawer in front holding the chess pieces. The surface is hand painted with golden leaves and perfectly delectable clusters of strawberries. A true heirloom.

One of my absolute favorite features of this room is the barn door. Luckily, I had a very patient contractor who built this from scratch from my very crude drawing. Good thing I can manage to sketch a few straight lines. The door is functional and slides along the track to close off the room during one of our many movie nights. I especially love the handle which Mark, the contractor, brought us one day from a loft renovation he was working on. It was grungy and rusted and I instantly fell in love. The Mister gave it a quick spray of sealer and on it went, the perfect adornment to the barn door in the suburbs!

The lovely antique cabinet on the left is from the now defunct Silk Trading Company location in Atlanta. Oddly enough, although the beautiful curtains were super pricey, their case goods were unique and affordable. This one happens to house hundreds of video games and movies which on a normal day would be scattered all over the floor. But for you dear friends, I picked up. The t.v. stand, a more modern cousin of the armoire, is from West Elm.

The couch happens to be one of my favorite finds. I don't know the provenance, but we snagged it at the annual ADAC garage sale. That's the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center for long. Normally a place whose doors are not open to the likes of little ol' not-to-the-trade-accessible me. But once yearly they open their doors, actually the parking garage, to the public and let me tell you, this sale is not to be missed.

So there you have it, no new coffee table for me, but I still love this room. Hope you enjoyed the tour. If you get a chance, stop by Velvet and Linen and check out some of the seriously pretty rooms still in the running. I'm sure they would appreciate your vote!
And speaking of giveaways, I've got a little something up my sleeve as well. Be sure to check back on Monday after Thanksgiving for Head Over Heels first giveaway. I'm so excited to gift one of you lovelies a lovely prize from a terrific sponsor!


Vee said...

Gorgeous. I love the orange! =]

Great blog, glad I found it!

nelya said...

Thank you, thank you Ms. King! I appreciate the compliments. So glad you found it too. Welcome!

Raina Cox said...

Is this where I'm gonna park it for a evening of cocktails and girl talk in a few months?

Will the boys allow it? ;)

Raina Cox said...

P.S. I totally forgot to mention how INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS your room is.

Lauren said...

Nelya- I can't get enough of this space!!! It's just amazing & I see why you're crazy over your grapes!!!

It's so stylish ^ fucntional at the same time & your barn door is INCREDIBLE!! I've always wanted one!!! How fun!!!

big hug & have a happy Thanksgiving!!

susieq said...

I love this room! It's just fantastic. Love the colors and textures. And I'm crazy for the barn door!

{ How does it look so beautifully maintained with three young boys playing in it? I feel like my house is falling down around me because of my huge dog and rambunctious girls. }

Maria | Vintage Simple said...

...and it didn't make it to the finals??!? Whatevs.

It is a beautiful room - and the barn door is genius. I love it all. I'm especially smitten with the sectional... Hmmm... I may have to have a little road trip to ATL when this sale happens again....will you let me know? :)


paula said...

This is AMAZING! Love, love the barn door. You have such great style. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

PS~Erin said...

I would live in this room too! I LOVE IT! That barn door, of course, is a fave. And all the touches you've added. Your heirloom side table and stools are priceless and oh-so-cool. Thanks for sharing!

mb said...

Oh Nelya, you are a creative stylist. I love the "basement". Wish I had one in good ole Dallas.

You were inspired designing the barn door. I love it. I saw one in an old Cottage living, in their case, it was a kitchen application... at any rate, from that moment on, I have been trying to figure out where I could put one in. The one in your house is the best. Snazzy color too.

I didn't know you lived in Atlanta. What a fine town. My sister and her family lived in the mid cities for a while. My husband and I enjoyed visiting them with our girlies. I could live there in a snap.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Sara Brown said...

Hi Nelya,
I love your photos! I'm looking for a side table or a living room table that has a very woodsy presence to it - any ideas? I saw one I liked in one of your photos, but in a bedroom, and as a bedside table...
I'dove for you to check out my site too:
Happy Thanksgiving:)

MFAMB said...

great work by you!! the barn door is kick ass! also when is the next adac sale?...we should go!!

nelya said...

Raina: this is it! And don't worry about the boys, you might have to tread carefully over and around the toys, but the boys know who the boss is. ;0)

p.s.- I'm already stocking the bar. What's your cocktail of choice? Susie?

Susie: It NEVER looks like this. Remember, I said I picked up...which took all morning long! The boys were waiting in the wings ready to destroy everything in sight just as soon as I set my camera down! ;0)

Maria: the sale is usually held in

Everyone: Thank you so much!!!

ticklishfromadistance said...

Amazing!!!!! This room is wonderful!!!!

Rachel said...

I do love your basement! The orange is so fun. And it looks great - very pulled together and professional.

LOL! About the grapes - my grandma used to have some around her house and I can remember always wanting to play with them, but not being allowed to touch. I have no idea where they are now though, otherwise I'd make you a deal!

Rachel said...

Oh, and I can't wait to see what the giveaway is for!

modfrugal said...

Yea for name/url commenting available! Love the basement...looks very sleek and comfortable at the same time. Well done!

Maggie May said...

love the bright orange and modern/vintage mix

alston said...

thanks for the tour -- so fun to see part of your house! love the barn door -- what a great way to add some architecture to a basement!

karly / design crisis said...

Wow!!!! I LOVE seeing pics of your space, it's awesome!!! Candice Olsen and her stupid basement makeovers have NOTHING on you. Well Done!!!!!

Also, I quite like the coffee table you have, so, no love lost with the contest, I'd say

prashant said...

Totally opulent - my eyes are in love!

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Joslyn said...

your space is GORGEOUS!

Marija said...

Saw this link over at Raina's place. We have two barn doors - one big and one small but neither with such a cool door pull! I'd love it if you'd snap an up-close pic!! Marija

nelya said...

Hi Marija! Thanks for stopping by. I snapped that pic for you, should be on its way. I'd love to see your barn doors.

angela | the painted house said...

In which I am totally late in response to your kind comment (was on vacay...does that count as a valid excuse...please?) WOW!!!! I love your basement, which is made spectacular by the judicious use of orange. And why am I so late in figuring out you are in Atlanta? Right? We need to get together. I'm part Ukrainian, you way of Brazil. BTW, your heirloom table is so special--LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

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