Thursday, December 11, 2008


Recently the first born brought home a school writing assignment. The topic was writing a response letter to Mr. Soonto B. Stuffed, head hunter for the Butterball Turkey Co. First born was playing the part of turkey, specifically, "the Coolest Turkey in Town." He was offered the choice opportunity of being chosen to be a Butterball Turkey, just in time for Thanksgiving. This is an excerpt of his response, an oh- so -wise refusal of the very generous offer.

Dear Soonto B. Stuffed,

I am so very sorry but I can't be a Butterball Turkey. Here are some reasons why:
Just recently my family's house has been crashed into by a car. Life has been very hard since that happened. And if I left, my WIFE would not be able to fix the house with my children around. So sir, I am sorry, but I can not accept this offer.


Coolest Turkey in Town

Oh boy, did this make me laugh. My favorite part, of course, is that he knew better than to leave his wife, alone with the kids, with a house that was literally falling apart around her. Wonder where he came up with that golden nugget of wisdom?!

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