Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Fave

I love how this kitchen feels industrial, yet warm, and totally livable. And yes, if I lived in this loft with views of the Hudson, my kiddos could ride their scooters inside the house any.time.they.wanted!
{images via the portfolio of Asfour Guzy}


Raina said...

I love that this kitchen is true to the feel of its surroundings.

Ugh, I hate when loftowners install super slick shiny contemporary spaceship-like kitchens in spaces with a raw-beamed vibe.

jae said...

I agree with you about the warm and industrial feel...and even about letting the kiddos ride their scooters. After all, they would have to do something as I just stood in my lovely kitchen!

erin@designcrisis said...

Very nice mix of materials. And barstools that don't make me barf. Too bad they are totally out of my budget!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE bertoia stools! I have the low side chairs and I'm wondering if it's too much to have the tall stools as well...probably, but that doesn't make me love them any less!

Have a fab weekend my dear!

Maggie May said...

love the blue and silver combo, and the chairs