Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Signature Details

These striking interiors hail from the portfolio of Robert Stilin. I'm completely enamored with the neutral palette and the calm air about these spaces. Yet, although the use of color is restrained, what impresses me most is that the eye nevertheless has so many details to gaze upon. The rooms are deceptively simple, but I'm sure a great deal of forethought went into making them appear so. Obviously, design is in the details and I'm certain it took a great deal of effort to make these beautiful spaces appear so effortless.


Raina said...

I could really go for those striped chairs in the last photo. YUM!

jae said...

There is something about each photo I really like. If I had to pull out a couple details I would say, love that basket under the island and would love to see more of the blue painting.....beautiful details.

nkp said...

Hi Jae, I love that photo with the blue painting against that white paneled wall and the striking chair...such a spare, but beautiful vignette. And I love that basket as well, I have two similar ones I bought at a flea market. I think they are vintage baskets used for picking grapes.

Glad you stopped by!

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