Friday, June 26, 2009

Personal Space

Imagination needs stimulation to foster creativity. I could find my muse in any of these lovely personal spaces. Better yet, a combination of all three. Sunlight filtering through an old casement window, alighting on trinkets galore. A crowded office chock full of memories. And a space solely dedicated to the art of floral appreciation, how decadent!
Happy Friday, Happy Weekend. Enjoy!
{images via photographer Coral von Zumwalt}


susieq said...

My secret decorating fantasy is a little mudroom for flower arranging with part of it for gift wrapping and the kids’ crafting things. I love these personal spaces.

Anonymous said...

100% agreed! These may be some of the prettiest spaces you've found yet. And that's saying something!

PS~Erin said...

Lovely! I would like to spend some time creating in that first one.

maureen said...

we all need one don't we? lovely pictures & ideas!