Monday, September 7, 2009

A Week of Firsts!

Phew, we've had a week of firsts around here! This may very well be the happiest little boy on the planet. He has waited sooo long to lose a tooth. And now, just two short months from his 8th birthday, it finally happened. He was thrilled beyond words and talked about it all weekend long. He cradled that itty bitty tooth in the palm of his hands as if it was the most precious diamond in the world. And of course, there was much speculation on how generous the tooth fairy might be. Now, there are at least three more of those little suckers loose and awaiting a good tug to free them from their confines. Man, I guess the tooth fairy hasn't been made aware of the recession! Someone, that would be moi, needs to visit the ATM asap.
{1st tooth lost, September 6, 2009}


PS~Erin said...

How exciting! Such great pictures!

We're working on the 9th tooth right now, and the toothfairy job stresses me out big time. The little gal woke up on 4 of the tooth fairy's attempts on the last tooth. Finally the TF just threw the money on the bed and left the tooth. Little gal is still baffled on by that one!

nkp said...

NINE! Seriously??? Man, my boy is a late bloomer...almost 8 years old and this is the first tooth. He has been waiting so patiently! He didn't even buy the TF line...too old, the magic is gone. Oh well, he loves his new gap and the pocket money. Mission accomplished! :0)

Raina said...

Is it creepy to save them? I'm on the fence about that one.

nkp said...

I don't think it's creepy. But then again, my husband is so sentimental he won't throw anything out!

susieq said...

Yes, it's terribly creepy to keep the teeth -- but we've saved every single one. And, my dad saved all of my teeth and my 3 sister's. I still have them. Weird, but I won't toss them.

Yay, big 8-year-old! Congrats!