Thursday, October 22, 2009

Almost Friday I'm in Love

I should be putting my kiddos to bed, but they are playing video games and I took a moment to check the computer. And that's when I saw this. This glorious room with that most amazing, and amazingly outfitted, brick wall. Holy freakin' cow that is something else! What a beautiful use of space. I think I could successfully live in that room and that room alone.

{spotted on Apartment Therapy via New York Spaces, courtesy of Heiberg Cummings Design}


mb said...

Would you like a roommate? I could live there in that room and be happy for life. Really. Surely.


by the way. I love the first room in the previous post. The ceiling and fireplace is sooooo fine.

susieq said...

Oh, I love that room so, so much. And even though I cannot stand plates hung on a wall, I LOVE the plate racks. This room is stunning.

my favorite and my best said...

wow! you're not kiddin. don't like plates hung on a wall????!!!! love.

Rachel said...

You and me both!! I love all the plates, and the comfy chairs to relax in after a big dinner!

fric and frac said...

Love this dining room! The brick wall is amazing! Could imagine having wonderful dinners here and working on projects here - what a gorgeous little spot!