Friday, October 23, 2009

An Excerpt

{Warning: proud mama tooting her son's horn}

As parents, we generally hope that our children inherit our best qualities and not those peskier parts of ourselves that are better left in the dark, never to see the light of day. Well my oldest son, who just turned ten, is a book worm. So much so in fact, that I teasingly refer to the books he is always toting around as an appendage, another limb if you will. He goes virtually nowhere without a book in tow, or two, or three. Seriously, I kid you not. He has among his numerous quirks, a habit of wandering in the wee hours of the night. Most often, these wanderings will end with him finally falling asleep on the old couch in our bedroom. In the morning, every morning, I find a book abandoned somewhere in our room. He "sleep walks" with a book, always one in hand. Among his many habits, I love this one most, his whole-hearted love of reading. This, I would proudly say he got from me.

But not only does his heart belong to books, he loves to write as well. This, he did not get from me. Creative writing is definitely not my forte. But the ten year old loves it. Loves to play with words, create new combinations and bring me his scribbled ideas to proof and discuss. That is how we arrived here. As of late, his preferred tales involve intrigue and deception, heroes and villains, and all manner of creatures of the night. This is an excerpt from his latest bit of storytelling and well, I loved it. It's really for my own bit of memory-making, but do enjoy if you're so inclined.

Nick trudged through the streets of Paris. His dark, red eyes surveyed his surroundings. The street lamp flickered as he strode past. Three Parisians in pale blue vests tailed him through the endless crowd of people. Their eyes were hidden by extremely expensive designer Versace sunglasses. Nick noticed their weird formation as soon as he saw them. To normal Parisians they would have looked like mere tourists or passersby. But Nick knew, underneath those sunglasses, icy gray eyes with no pupils were glaring at him. He moved into the crowd of people inside the Eiffel Tower. He opened the door leading to the top. When he arrived at the top, he turned around and unsheathed his sword. Sure enough, the people who had been tailing him were there. But they were no longer people, their heads had turned into lions' heads, their backs were hunched over. Claws had retracted from their hands. Nick pivoted and stabbed the smallest of the three. When the sword pieced its skin, the creature turned into a pile a dust.

Oooh, I got chills. But I am his mama, so probably not an impartial reader. Still, I love this boy and his love of literature. {insert-puffing up with pride}

Oh and by the way, the ten year old insisted that I post a copyright notice {:0)} so interwebs, please note, above excerpt copyright D.A.P., 2009.

{image, I think, via This is Glamorous}


Raina Cox said...

And I can say I knew him when.

my favorite and my best said...

fantastic!! i love that he made you copyright it. smart kid.

susieq said...

Oh my gosh. He is brilliant. Proud mama? You have ever right!!

mb said...

What a joy for you to see your son's interest evolve. At ten, he has a fierce imagination.
My oldest daughter (now 26) devoured books and kept a journal from the time she was little. The written word has always been important to her.
She now lives in NYC and paints and writes for a living. You just never know.

Thanks so much for sharing. Be a proud mama.

laura drescher said...

you should be proud!

nkp said...

My son just asked if anyone commented on his story, I said, why yes, they have. I showed him the comments and he said, "that's awesome!"

He walked away beaming...thanks ladies!

Anonymous said...

He's 10??? Amazing. You have a very talented child there, nkp, for sure. And so smart, too! I don't even think I knew what a copyright was at that age!

Anonymous said...

oh my, he is 10! yes, you should be puffed up! What a thrill to be a parent and watch one of your kids develop a real love for something.

and how very prudent of him to copyright his work.

PS~Erin said...

Okay, that is some serious talent... trudged, strode, pivoted, unsheathed... Wow. I used to teach 4th grade when writing is included on the standardized test so we focused on it a lot. This is some hugely advanced and creative stuff. I predict he becomes a published author... soon!

nkp said...

Once again, thank you all. Each and every one.

vintage simple said...

Wow. He has an incredible talent with words... And I am so glad that you can share that here - so special. I am just so very happy I've met you! You have no idea..!


erin@designcrisis said...

10 years old?! Simply amazing!

Next time I go on vacation, maybe Nick could fill in for a day? Goodness knows his writing is more inspired than mine has been lately!

Alexis said...

Love it.

Maybe he and my 9 year old daughter should write a book together--they can alternate chapters!