Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Heart...{food for thought}

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The Shiny Pebble said...

Good morning! The second message may be obvious, but so often I feel guilty for pursuing that life of happiness when it refers to material things... It must be a reflection of growing up in a developing country when so many had so much less than I did and my catholic background... It is good to be validated that the pursuit of aesthetics is not a wasteful endeavor, but a way of living that might bring enjoyment to others as well...

boy, am I in a mood today?

Have an awesome weekend.


i heart you! :)

Vintage Simple said...

I heart that you're having fun with formatting.

Hope you are enjoying this rainy weekend.


Raina Cox said...

So I should be living in a giant bowl of cupcake frosting?

Not a problem.

nkp said...

Raina: Exactly. For me it would be a giant jar of nutella.

Anita: I heart you back, Girl!

Catherine: Have a great weekend!