Friday, October 1, 2010

Weak in the knees.

I had another post ready to go and then I came across this. Made me all wobbly and I just had to share. I think I could stare at this picture all weekend. We all know my weakness for tile, and then they go and add those beautifully troweled blue plaster walls, the fantastic windows and doors, and the lush flora, and well, I'm done for.

{image via the always brilliant Roseland Greene, here, and be sure to take a peek at this great post as well}

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Raina Cox said...

Makes me wish I had a green thumb.

Happy weekend to you, Babe!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

what a great room!!!

you have a fantastic weekend too!!

Rachel said...

That tile is gorgeous!

It looks like a luxurious but still authentic retreat someplace tropical - like Costa Rica.

Have a great weekend!

Naomi@ThirteenandSouth said...


ps- the greenery makes me happy. I feel like my own plants look out of control in my home... wish they could be more collected and cozy like here.

susie q said...

Stunning. Love it!

Cassie said...

Glad you liked it!

Giovanna said...

that is just gorgeous!

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Can totally see why that stopped you in your tracks, that's one WAY beauty room!