Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Running on Fumes

{Einstein, a.k.a., the five-year-old, with "mommy hair"}

Sheesh, it's only Monday and already I feel like I'm just trying to keep up. Not a good sign, is it? Between a nagging cold (who has time for such nonsense!), a ridiculous amount of homework (I never thought I'd have to repeat 5th grade, again), and life in general...I'm wiped! The other night in the car on the way to meet friends for dinner the five-year-old had this to say, "Mom, I wish our car could fly and we could be the first ones there every time. They should make robot everything and then we could just relax and not have to do anything." Amen brother. I think the boy is on to something.

I should to take a cue from the wee philosopher and lighten up. Need to unload? Feel free to let loose in the comments. How's life?
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Naomi@DesignManifest said...

oh no! I feel ya sister. Just wait until you have to repeat 10th grade. Math starts getting hard then.

I'm just tackling life in two hour increments right now. I find it is easier to accomplish things without getting overwhelmed :)

susie q said...

When Josh constructs that robot for you, could I put my order in? I'm on Empty and have a looong week ahead. Oh, and I feel your pain about 5th grade homework. I had to learn all about WWI last night in order to help Sophie with homework. How do I not remember anything about history? Sad! Normally I love history and would've enjoyed the WWI lesson, but at 8pm my to do list was barely done and I desperately wanted out of the European trenches.

susie q said...

And... one more thing. I'm so jealous of your Mommy Hair! Curls are in, in, in for spring and I'm stuck with straight, flat, boring hair.

nkp said...

Naomi, you don't need to remind me...10th grade, geometry, Mrs. Larusso who chained smoked like a maniac...nightmare!

ModFruGal said...

That is the cutest photo! As much as I hate reliving 5th grade math...at the rate the schools are out for snow here, I may have to homeschool just to get us an eduction!!!

ModFruGal said...

Some teacher I'd be if I can't even spell education...

Jen said...

I have a wig just like that and it's so fun to wear!! He's adorable! And mommy hair? You make me smile :-)

Happy Tuesday Darling! xo

erin@designcrisis said...

I am with you! Ben is traveling for the second time this month and I am worn out from being a single, full time mom.

Is it bad that I am dreaming of daycare?

Still, I can't complain since I only have one little dude to watch over ;)

my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you said...

between 8 days without a poop, 4 dying cats, no money to help dying cats, (no money in general) i am pretty fed up too. if it snows tomorrow i am going to start murdering people.
here's what the universe will provide for us:
for you: the most awesome immune system ever. a big box of robot parts in the mail for the boys..plus a letter that says: "i am a robot and i do awesome things, but first you must put me together and it will take hours so go get some snacks and hole yourself up in your room for many hours".
for me:
a motherfuckinghighpayingjob.

mb said...

You must already feel better because you have that darling little son of yours making you laugh. Mommy hair?? Can I have some? I could also use some love from a wee one. Hug on him double hard. They grow up.

Take care of yourself. Go to bed early.
As for the 5th grade math?? Oh my goodness... what torture. I still can remember the quadratic formula, but that is from 7th grade math. Get ready. Get a math tutor.
And on that very positive note, it might be time for you to open the wine.

mb from Dallas

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Sister, this post rang so true and Einstein looks AND sounds like a real genius -- with great hair.
I've started this year in the doldrums with way too much time spent avoiding exercise, sitting online or otherwise just allowing myself to generally decay one mouthful of food at a time.
Come to find that these days, 5 year-olds are expected to know how to read and write -- properly and preferably in at least two languages.
I used to be the gal who laughed at women who spent all day in a minivan shuttling from one after-school activity to another. Now let's just say I've stopped laughing!
Luckily -- or not -- I'm terrible at math, so my husband's going to have to tackle that branch of the homework.
Also unfortunate, I'm a terrible teacher and have even less patience than my son for flashcards, sight words and Kumon workdbooks.
But let us soldier on in this sisterhood, shall we?
Hugs, Alcira


Raina Cox said...

Now that is a Jew Fro.

Michelle said...

hehehe, mommy hair! Soo cute! I used to say that I wish our car had a giant spatula in front to flip cars off the road and then let us leap frog home! Kids!