Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Just goes to show that a restrained color palette can be just as exciting as the riot of color that I normally prefer. In fact, the natural, organic feel of this home, the way the line between indoors and outdoors is almost blurred, and the wonderful bevy of textures that abound make me want to run my hands over the multitude of beautiful surfaces and finishes. This place could be the poster child for serenity.

{images via Hotze Eisma, yes, I'm slightly obsessed}
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Cara said...

Gorgeous inspiration!

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

I am nuts about the juxtiposition of that gorgeous antique floral rug and the other very modern elements. Gorgeous!!

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Wow, this is extraordinary.
The light, the contrast, the ojects and yes, the serenity.
The photography is absolutely spectacular, I totally get your obsession.
Cheers, Alcira


erin@designcrisis said...

Mmmm, you are totally speaking my language!

Macarena - Chic et Posh said...

Qué bonito blog! Me encantó descubrirlo gracias a The Decorista. Un abrazo gigante! XoXo

nkp said...

Hello Macarena! Forgive me, but my spanish is virtually nonexistent. Thanks for visiting and welcome!

Andrew said...

is that a cork hood and backsplash?? whoa.

These pics also make me second guess giving up my arc lamp. Which has still NOT sold on craigslist.

PS, still Naomi, still working on my dad's computer, as mine is very very ill.

xo, hope your weekend celebrations were lovely!

Mireia Segovia said...

Me encanta tu blog, nos enseñas cosas ideales.
Te sigo!