Friday, August 26, 2011

All Lit Up

I have lamps on the brain. Firstly, This delicate pink number. Actually, I'm all about the shade. So pretty in all its blush and bashful subtle color and then, kapow, a golden glow from underneath.

And then there is this gilded malachite stunner. Really. Wow.

Hope your weekend is bright and beautiful! If you happen to be in the path of Irene, please be safe and take all possible precautions. Fingers crossed that she is a no-show.

{image 1. Susan Ferrier, 2.Malachite lamp via 1st Dibs}
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Karena said...

Nelya oh I agree there is just something about beautiful lamps, they are works of art!


Art by Karena

nkp said...

You're absolutely right, Karena. Works of art!

A Perfect Gray said...

you're killin' it today, babe!

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

The pink lamps might be my favourite ones of all times...DIVINE!!!

susie q said...

Of course that 2nd one is 1st dibs. That's where every single damn thing I love seems to be. It's lovely. And if I had a spare $10k or so, I'd snatch that baby up.