Sunday, November 30, 2008

Must do that again

The last 24 hours have been so much fun. We had a wonderful stay at the W hotel midtown. The room was ultra modern, yet totally comfortable and a visual feast. I'm so glad I had my trusty iphone along to capture the good times. The concert was fantastic. We loved the venue, the Tabernacle. There wasn't a bad seat in the house, so to speak. It's a relatively small space, so other than bothersome tall people, we had a terrific view of Jason Mraz. And the singing did not disappoint! He is really a fantastic showman; so charismatic and relaxed on stage, and a voice that sounds equally strong fronting a complete band ensemble or solo, stringing along with the guitar. I hope to have a chance to see him again, maybe with the kiddos next time. Lastly, to top off an already memorable night, the mister had made reservations at Shaun's for brunch. We've been lucky enough to eat at all of his previous restaurants and this latest incarnation is equally superb. The interior was as delicious as the food. It's in a beautiful old building in Inman Park with fantastic original tile floors, creamy white painted mouldings, and striking original windows. We had a delicious meal, over did it as usual, and the company was the best. Thanks Mister P, it was wonderful, you thought of everything!

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Anonymous said...

That looks like a great 24 hours. The W and Shaun's are going on my list. (How do you like comments on a 10 month old post?) :) Thanks again for all the great info. You're the best!