Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thinking out loud

Lest I get too excited about my grown-up night out, my boys are always there to bring me back to earth. {Context} I was just telling the mister about the life of a blogger whose blog I follow daily. She just happens to live, year round, in one of our favorite vacation spots, AND she is an interior designer with a blossoming business. As I uttered the words, "someday that would be a nice life to have," along zips by second-born and pronounces, without so much as an after thought-

Second born: "Mom, I'm going to do number two!"

Mom: "of course you are, call me when you're done"

Oh well, I must not forget my place in this world, I wonder where a*s-wiper goes on a resume, is that even a job qualification?


Ellen said...

I believe it is listed under Domestic Engineer in the work experience section on your resume.

I lifted the nugget up to do a sniff check this morning and I was thinking how glamorous my life is too.

Raina said...

I have to believe that would be a job description somewhere in the New York banking industry.