Thursday, November 13, 2008

Must do this next year!

how fantastic would this be to do in anticipation of halloween

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Anonymous said...

Best. Idea. Ever.

Do you think I'm allowed to make this for myself? Let's see...I'll put a new MAC eyeshadow in one, a spa certificate in the next, and can I fit a chanel bag if I use really big cups?

sigh...a girl can dream ;)

nkp said...

Aaah Anne, a girl after my own heart, how about restaurant supply/industrial-size coffee filters-hint,hint,wink,wink. {hmmm, maybe a little Loeffler-Randall flat, a Cartier trinket or two, and a handful of Laduree macaroons...oops weren't we talking about candy?} :0) Absolutely you should make this for yourself! And send a photo when you do, I'll live vicariously as I munch on my reeses cup.