Friday, November 28, 2008

Sixx Design

This husband and wife design duo (extraordinaire), Robert and Cortney Novogratz, have been in my thoughts since I first spotted their amazing NYC home featured in one of the original issues of Cookie magazine. Their design aesthetic mixes the high with the low, vintage with contemporary, and bohemian with luxe. The melange combines to form a most magical living space and all of this is done with no less than SIX children in tow. Truly amazing! Their homes are dynamic, exciting, visually stimulating abodes. Nothing comes across as too precious and every space appears to be lived in by people both large and small. If perfection can be achieved on the home decorating front, these two have come as close as I have ever seen. I simply adore every one of their creative, unique, beautifully welcoming interiors. Must save my pennies in hopes of a creative collaboration with the team at Sixx Design.
Can't wait for the book to arrive on bookshelves in 2009.
{interior shots via sixx design, book cover shot from amazon}

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Ellen said...

You find the BEST stuff. My blog is so boring. Ive been totally uninspired (although your posts gave me a boost!)The nugget has had croup and Im just exhausted. Should be sleeping but a house needs to be cleaned.

Loved all the family pics but my fav is the one of your four blessings. So sweet.