Thursday, December 4, 2008

36 reasons

Happy Birthday Honey! Here are 36 reasons why we love you so: (but there are really so, so many more)
  1. for your kindness
  2. and your incredible thoughtfulness
  3. for your unrelenting joyful disposition
  4. for your party planning skillz
  5. for your happy-go-lucky nature
  6. for your spontaneity
  7. for your love of the boys
  8. for your rad taste in music
  9. for your undying love of chocolate
  10. for your great outlook on life
  11. for your smile
  12. and your beautiful shiny head
  13. for your amazing ability to engage all children
  14. for your superior video game skills
  15. for helping the missus with all her technical problems
  16. for downloading my photos
  17. for your amazing ability to make friends with everyone you meet
  18. for always staying true to yourself and us
  19. for always planning a great getaway just when we most need it
  20. for giving J a great best buddy
  21. for making me smile daily the last 21 years
  22. for calling your grandmother everyday
  23. for buying me a starbucks when I really need it
  24. for being full of surprises
  25. for sitting in Anthropologie for hours on end while I anally examine each and every item
  26. for being the bestest daddy the boys could ever hope for
  27. for being my life-long bestie
  28. for making my family your family
  29. for always going to the max and then some
  30. for loving me the way you do
  31. for your super chili-making skills
  32. for listening to my "ideas" with minimal eye-rolling
  33. for giving us a place to call home
  34. for always ordering the birthday cake
  35. for tucking the boys in each and every night
  36. for being you, glorious, wonderful YOU
  37. and one more for good luck!

We love you so- the missus and the boys-xo

{photo via dayrain's photostream on flickr}


Raina said...

Awww, that's so sweet!

Anonymous said...

...and I want to Thank You for allowing me to do all those things and for making my life completelytotallymadly Wonderful!!!

riki said...

That is just about the sweetest message I've ever read! What a lucky loving family you are!!

nkp said...

Thanks Riki! My husband really is that wonderful, we are a very lucky family indeed. Tell me that's not the Marvelous Kiddo I see in your photo!? From all accounts, yours is a pretty fantastic family as well.