Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Good Stuff, Brilliant Concept

Red Vinyl Hamper

Steel Magazine File

Tube Wringer

Measuring Tape tape

Locker Basket

Italian Espresso Pot


Book Darts

Ace Pilot Stapler

Love the industrial, utilitarian appeal of these items. All things I didn't know I needed found on The Mut.

{images via the museum of useful things}


Ellen said...

Hey Lady, Thanks for the thoughts yesterday. I had dinner with all my siblings which was really comforting. Nugget was a lamby and helped the day go by. I am going to devote a solid hour to pour over your most recent posts. I cant wait!

nkp said...

Ellen- :0) 'nuff said

Raina said...

Oldie, but goodies. Sometimes the wheel doesn't need to be reinvented. Love it!