Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hee Hee

I was talking with a neighbor/friend today and the subject of the holidays came up. We are of the Jewish persuasion around here, so obviously we don't celebrate Christmas, but I presumed that with so many signs of Christmas all around, my boys were well aware of the story behind it all. Little did I realize just how naive my kiddos are. So I was recounting this story to my friend and I ended up in tears, tears of laughter that is, at the hilarity of it all.
This time last year the boys were invited to a little party in honor of a newly published children's book. The party was held at the home of a neighbor down the street. As we arrived the then 6-year-old stopped in his tracks and proclaimed, "Mom, I didn't know the triplets were Jewish." I looked at him a bit confused and stated, "I don't think they are S, why do you think they are Jewish?" The second born proceeds to look down at the vintage nativity scene arranged in the front yard and then up at the star-shaped lights strung across the front porch, and then proclaims, "look it's baby Moses in the grass and they have the Star of David hanging on their porch." I don't know if I have ever laughed so hard, in fact, I'm giggling as I type this now. Ignorance is bliss?


Raina said...

It's all context, S., it's all context.

Alexis said...

Very funny!

Once Upon a Smolyar said...

You never told me about this one!

erin@designcrisis said...

Oh, hilarity! Best to keep them out of the evil clutches of Christmas as long as possible... the blatant commercialism and R&B carols alone are enough to make one hide in a closet in hopes of avoiding the wave of weepy sentiment and inexorable disappointment on the big day.

Did I mention that my heart is three sizes too small?

Ok, I am inspired by the commitment of a family that has an entire creche in their yard. Going to store to purchase large blow up lawn dolls right now.

nkp said...

Erin- I'm just glad we get to watch from the sidelines! ;0)