Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Loop {I'm Hooked}

If I could knit or sew or if I was especially crafty, (I can't, I can't, I'm not) I would love a sweet little room just like this to stimulate my creative juices. Until then, I love all these beautiful images spied on the saturated website of Loop, a knitting shop located in London. All those amazing fluffy, colorful yarns take my breath away.
{all photos from loop, spotted on compulsively compiled}


LBB said...

That looks like a fun shop! I looove those knit leaves! I can only knit scarves & hats and they are quickly amassing around here! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful to know how to knit? I tried learning but it gave me repetitive strain injury in my thumbs. But these pictures convey the quaint coziness that makes me wish I could take it up again!

nkp said...

Yes, Anne, I totally agree, so cozy. My grandmother in law is an expert knitter and I must get her to give me some lessons.

LBB- I'm jelous of your crafting abilities!

Raina said...

I'm trying to convince my knitting sister-in-law to make me a life-size barrister's wig. Yes, the pattern exists and it is fabulous!

nkp said...

Oops LBB, clearly I meant jealous, I'm so anal I can't stand spelling mistakes. :0)

Hmm, that sounds intriguing Raina, who knew, I can hang it next to my useless law degree. (I'd love to see a pic of that completed project)

Raina said...

Lest you think me a nut:


It's NOT for me to wear. ;)

I appreciate the art.