Monday, December 15, 2008


Not quite sure that this is "the one" and the price is kinda steep for something my FIL could make in his shop, BUT, I appreciate the artistic concept behind it and definitely the philosophy behind the brand-"“It’s easy to find cool piggy banks, but it’s so hard to find cool menorahs!” says Zukas. “We should be able to celebrate holidays in the same way as we celebrate our homes—with objects that serve a purpose, but speak to who we are.”
But notschlock retains a humorous sensibility, too. “Religion and culture can be funny, too,” says Korwin, “we get into a lot of trouble when we stop being able to laugh at ourselves. This is our own crazy way of keeping our culture alive.” " Well said, and who wouldn't check out a company with the name notschlock, irresistible!

{image via notschlock}


Raina said...

Given that I know of only one Jew who is handy with tools, this kills me!

nkp said...

(chuckle) Very.Good.Point.