Friday, January 9, 2009

I *GASP* this color is so fantastic!

...and the room ain't half-bad either!

{via another shade of grey, spotted on the fabulous please sir}

UPDATE: ...for the love you see those incredible beams, I missed them the first time around!!!


Raina said...

I love that they suspended pendants over the end tables rather than relying on lamps.

Leigh said...

Wow, the color, those beams...everything. It's an uncommonly gorgeous room!

Alexis said...

I love that color! I do think that you'd have to search for a while to find a color that would make that room look bad.

citysage said...



I don't know if I can take it. I might just expire here on the spot. That color (and especially the way they've painted it over EVERYTHING, moldings included) is the prettiest thing ever in the history of the world.

I think I'm going to take out stock in the color pistachio...or would you call that mint? a burning question! my financial future is at stake here!

mary said...

OMG. That color, yes, but those BEAMS? OMG. OMG!

nkp said...

Anne, should I call 911? ;0)
As for the color, I would say more like a shade just below robin's egg blue, perhaps leaning toward sea foam? Whatever you want to call it, I call it perfect!!!

Raina, thoughts?

Raina said...

It's more greener than seafoam and warmer than mint.

I've seen turquoise stones this color, but I think calling "turquoise" would be a misnomer.

That's a toughie.