Tuesday, January 27, 2009

uh oh, I'm Smitten

I love the graphics on these and the color combinations, but what really attracted my attention were those subtle rounded corners and the custom display shelf, made from recycled teak. So adorable! The third born's room will need a little revamp this year to take it from nursery to big boy room. I think these are just the ticket to get that process rolling.
{find them here}
*in retrospect, I think I've decided I'm head-over-heels for all their products, they are cute without being overly cutesy...love!


Raina said...

Oh, I like those very much.

Anonymous said...

So fabulous. The colors are great---vibrant without feeling juvenile. And I love the rounded corners--little details like that take it from being cool to being spectacular!

Alexis said...

Those are great--perfect because they are whimsical but not cutesy. I want them!