Friday, January 2, 2009

Wish I had their Stamina

...there was rockin' out on the drums

...much relaxing and airing out of little piggies

...ringing in the New Year with a bang
...braving the cold to watch the sparks fly

...they're still up, all of them

...lounge act
...hustling grandpa

...we heart our little twinkies

...go granny, go granny...gangsta style in the 'burbs

...sharing some love

...uh oh, there's a monster in the house
...they climbed the furniture

...knocking down the pins

...climbing the walls, literally

...oh lawdy, bless her heart, this is what twins look like

...mmmm Daddy's grilled olive bread, one piece down 10 more to go

These kids of mine are certainly up for a party, literally up, until 1:00am that is. We had a small, impromptu celebration in the basement and it turned into a full throttle was a great way to ring in the New Year. Welcome 2009!


Elizabeth said...

Lawdy, I didn't realize I was that huge! I love the pictures of dad and genuinely looks so happy. What a fun night!

erin@designcrisis said...

Man those are some cute kiddies, but I can't believe you bought them DRUMS for Christmas! I expect future blog posts to address the forthcoming issues... expecting mothers need to know how this turns out.

nkp said...

Not so fast Erin...they are drums for the wii, for the rock band game, i.e. they only operate when playing the game. They were actually a gift for my husband for his birthday, he is the loudest and most juvenile of my children.
;0) And as to the noise factor, honey I live with FOUR males and a male dog, I was out-numbered long ago...sigh! Do you know what your little nugget is yet?

Raina said...

Happy New Year guys (and one gal)!