Friday, April 17, 2009

Brooklyn in da house.

I suppose this is what they mean by the expression, "got good bones." An amazing renovation that took an already stunning shell and made it absolutely spectacular. I love how the architect honored the beauty of the original details and brought new life to the old spaces. The floors, the mouldings, the beautifully detailed arched pass-throughs, nothing has gone unnoticed and all is highlighted at its best.
I think Goldilocks would have loved this gem, it looks "just right."


paula said...

I love this home and am so excited to see new angles of it. Jenna Lyons the creative director of J.Crew has some insane taste:) Love it!

nkp said...

Aha! I was thinking it was the same house and you just gave me an "aha!" moment! I think this place is incredible...especially that fantastic nursery with the amazing yellow and white striped ceiling, I've bookmarked every photo that I've come across.

Thanks Paula!

Raina said...

Paula's right - Jenna Lyons is da bomb. You can immediately see Lyons' personal aesthetic in not only her work but also her home. I could move in tomorrow.