Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My current view. Not bad for a Wednesday evening in July. And the
children, one to my right in the foreground and the two to the left in
the water, their view is of a television. That's right, I said a T.V.
Which is not visible because it is hidden in the jasmine covering the
porch to my left. Hence their heads all turned in that direction.
You see, their grandfather is of the opinion that the swim experience
is further enhanced by Spongebob making crabby patties in the
background. Sheesh, when I was a kid summers were nothing like this.
You know, I'm just sayin'.

(ha, I just realized the irony of all of the above is that I currently
have my butt parked on a chaise lounge, outside by the pool, as I
leisurely "type" away on my iPhone and post on my blog! It's like
magic really, REALLY!)


Raina said...

We're livin' in the future, bay-bee!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous pool and look at all those trees! So jealous. Especially today because it's supposed to be over 100 again!

Elizabeth said...

A t.v.? Really?