Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Good Things...

...cabinets chock full of books

...rooms with a view

...perfect pairings

...nature's bounty

...beige, oui, boring, non

...a little bit country

...shades of blue

...a spot to wile away the day

...a grand statement
{images via the portfolio of photographer Helen Norman}
{p.s.- click on images to enlarge}
{p.s.s.- anyone know how to make the images load larger? talk to me poeple!}


PS~Erin said...

I just want to hop in the "little bit country" image and hang out at that table for a bit.

paula said...

natures bounty is perfection.

Raina said...

Love the dark wood against the serene green tile in the kitchen third from the bottom.

Anonymous said...

Another gorgeous collection. I'm in love with that bookshelf full of books and old suitcases.

susieq said...

I love every photo. But the 2 kitchen photos are fabulous. Love the table with the bulbous knobby legs, marble top, and accompanying stool.

pillow mint said...

love them all, but i really love the 'rooms with a view'.