Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Digging on Brown

Earthy, natural, ruddy or sleek...always in season.

  1. Lesley Dilcock
  2. Lesley Dilcock
  3. Lesley Dilcock
  4. InsideInside
  5. All You Need Is Vintage
  6. Coastal Living
  7. unknown
  8. Coastal Living
  9. House Beautiful
  10. unknown
  11. Look Mom
  12. Design Crisis
  13. Mimi O'Connell via Desire To Inspire
  14. unknown
  15. Pure Public
  16. Ray Main Photography
  17. Wide Open Spaces
  18. Door Sixteen


eco-stylista said...

I always love your inspiration. The LV suitcases look great as a nightstand..

nkp said...

Don't they look fantastic, Monika! I'm glad you've been inspired. Thanks for visiting!

Raina Cox said...

Just when I think I've seen most every interior photo on the web, I stroll over to HOH and enjoy dozens of new inspirational shots.

Anonymous said...

The "TV" in the bookcase is too cute and clever!

my favorite and my best said...

i can go either way with brown. i tend to not like brown fabric but i do like wood tones and the right brown on a wall is nice.

paula said...

I could study these for awhile.

Rachel said...

I love the room in #13 (I think...) - the one with the daybed! I love it!
And I have been thinking that we should use a daybed in our office for seating/sleeping, so I've been on the hunt for pictures with nice looking daybeds in them. Thanks!

pillow mint said...

gorgeous! i love the lamp in the photo with the fireplace.
and that purple fabric on the chair in the last pic! yes.

You Are My Fave said...

A library like that first photo is essential for my dream house.

Living It At Home said...

Hi! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and actually reading all my posts! You left such sweet compliments. I am having fun with it and I am happy to hear you are too!

The images you post are so inspirational. Especially the large room with wall to wall books and library table. I would love to have that. I will have to file that one away. We have many books. Hard to find where to put them all.

Love your blog and also I have found a daily read. I will be back! So nice to meet you~ Jamilyn

vintage simple said...

Another great post with many photos that will be dutifully filed away... Let's see... #1, #7, #9..and then I stopped counting... Love the spare bedroom and the staircase, of course. They're all very inspiring, as always. Thank you, dear!


ticklishfromadistance said...

Oh, you are killing me here. Love it all.

erin@designcrisis said...

Bookmarking them all!

Alexis said...


If I ever win the lottery, I will fly you to New York to help me decorate!

nkp said...

Alexis: Deal!

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