Monday, December 14, 2009

La Vie En Rose








Doesn't everything look fine when cast in a rosy glow.
{all images via my Flickr favorites}


paula said...

so girly and fun.

mb said...

I love the way black looks against a rosy glow.
How about the room with the twin beds and the great looking mural or banner. I remember reading about the origin of the graphics and the name of the artist is not coming to mind... my morning coffee is slowing working it's way to my brain. (Madeline series?) But it is just the very best. I would love to sleep in a room like that, even as a grown up.


Raina Cox said...

I nicked two for The Daily Bed folder. Oh yes, there is a possibility it may come back. I have to get through a few more house projects first though.

susie q said...

I love that bed in photo #4. So, so beautiful.

{ And Raina! Yes, bring back the Bed! }

Anita Davis said...

I love a rosy-glow! so pretty!

my favorite and my best said...