Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I used to love the children's storybook, Country Mouse City Mouse. Years ago, HBO even had a cartoon based on the children's classic that my now ten-year-old would eat up (he loved the mischievous rat character, of course). Anyway, this has nothing to do with this post except that this designer's portfolio is organized in such a way as to highlight country versus city living. Personally, I'd hate to have to choose one over the other. Wouldn't it be great to play the glam, city femme fatale during the week, only to awaken on Saturday mornings to views of the verdant countryside. To let your inner farm girl come out. Loose braids, faded denim, wrinkled linen, and languorous, hearty breakfasts followed by long stretches of nothing to do.
In the case of James Huniford, I'm all over his version of country. Like bees on honey.

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Raina Cox said...

Is he no longer practicing with Stephen Sills? Do you remember that big client billing scandal from the 1990s? Juicy stuff.

susie q said...

In my ongoing fantasy, I have a smallish modern pied-a-terre in the city and a old spawling historical home in the country. Any one of the above photos perfectly represents my country house. LOVE.

vintage simple said...

Oh, yes. I vote for this fantasy. I have second and third homes... Sweden, Argentina... Country and city... :)


my favorite and my best said...

love his style. the country version mostest.