Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Handy Dandy App Primer

I just opened my mailbox to find the new issue of House Beautiful awaiting my perusal and of course, I couldn't resist a quick flip through before running off to carpool. This great iPhone App guide instantly grabbed my attention. Let me just say, I am not a tech toy gadget junkie. Couldn't care less about the newest, latest, greatest whatzit or gizmo except when it comes to my beloved iPhone. Seriously, for those of you who have one, isn't it the most amazing, wonderful creation. I know, this is not a healthy attitude, but I can't resist its magical lure. I'm hooked.

Getting back on topic, I thought this was a great round-up of apps and thought I'd share the bounty. Hope you enjoy.

And if you're in the mood for some kitchen inspiration, be sure to check out the post below. Hey, you can even use your new, free Ben Color Capture app to pick a new shade for those kitchen cabinets you've been dying to spice up. Oh wait, that's me. Sigh, if only it were so easy.

{App list scanned by me, for you, courtesy of House Beautiful, March 2010}

{click to enlarge}

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Anonymous said...

I can barely remember life before my iPhone ;-) Love this!

Elie's Papel said...

That list looks pretty complete and amazing what you can do with it... ;)

nkp said...

Yep, Laurelstreet, me too. Scary, but true.

C Dan said...

I was just going to say, what's already been said- I SERIOUSLY do not know how I lived pre-iPhone. Thanks for the list!

nkp said...

Hi C Dan. Thanks for stopping by!

PS~Erin said...

I couldn't agree with you more. It was love at first use with me and my iPhone. I probably could use some more boundaries in this relationship, but your list isn't going to help in that area ;-)