Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In the Kitchen

I've been mulling over the possibility of painting my kitchen cabinets lately. I love the idea of it, but fear that once I start there is no turning back. In a household of five people, three of whom are boys age ten and under, the kitchen is most definitely the hub of activity in our home. And I am afraid of the ensuing disaster that could result. Oh, just the thought of the mess and disorder which the process would create makes me shudder. Which brings me to the subject of longevity and timeless materials and elements of a kitchen well done. Of course a kitchen must be functional and durable, but also beautiful, no? After all, when a room is located at the heart of a home, it needs to appeal to all of the senses, heart included.
{kitchen round-up courtesy of my home ideas}
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Living It At Home said...

Just looking at these kitchens gets me all worked up! I love kitchens, my favorite part of the house! These are "dream kitchens" for me...I am going to file these away. Great job compiling the best of the best! Love them! You should paint your cabinets! Go for it! It is nice to make changes.


vintage simple said...

Yes... Kitchens are my favorite space in the house, too. And it's on of my favorite spaces to plan and design for...

I say paint them! I have to say, unless you have old, time-worn (in the antique sense ;) ) cabinets, I'd paint them. A coat of glossy just totally updates the kitchen.

And, think of the fun..! You could paint the lower cabinets one shade and the upper ones a different shade.... Or you could paint your kitchen island a different color... The possibilities are so exciting! Eeep! Can we have pictures? Pretty please?

(Okay - I do that. I know you just said *thinking about*, but in my mind, the train has left the station!)


Anita Davis said...

now i have total kitchen envy.
when we moved into our house 6 years ago, we had the kitchen cabinets painted (white).
oh how i ache for a little color on them now!
(could the kids stay away somewhere for the weekend while you and hubby knock it out?!)

Naomi said...

Do it! The end result will be worth it.

Then again I painted my cabinets twice (Didn't like the first result) My doors were off the frames for almost 6 months. Hopefully you can be more efficient than me.

mise said...

What lovely kitchens. Somehow, interiors shots with people in them always draw me in. And look at that wonderful tree wallpaper. I think you should go for it with the cabinet-painting. When my two were babies, I spent pretty nearly a whole year painting the internal doors, a little at a time, amid the chaos. Now I've forgotten the effort and the place is so much more restful.

Thanks for your funny comment and I'm glad to find you!

my favorite and my best said...

what kind of decwhore am i that i know where i was the first time i saw 95 percent of those kitchens.


nkp said...

Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I haven't quite built up the courage just yet, but if I do decide to brave it...believe me, you all will be kept in the loop. I'm the queen of indecision, so I'll need lots of opinions.

Mise: Welcome! I'm so glad you stopped by.

PS~Erin said...

Oh dear goodness gracious! So much to look at and be inspired by. I want/need that island with the legs on one side and then those stools in the last picture and the similar ones with the wood seats that were somewhere in the middle.

James said...

Lots of great inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

nkp said...

You're welcome James. Thanks for stopping in.

The Little Big House said...

great post! each kitchen in this huge post is so inspiring! I say go for it and paint them!

nkp said...

Hello Little Big House. Thanks for stopping in. I'm still dragging my feet over the kitchen cabinets, but I appreciate all of the encouragement! :0)