Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Artist in Residence

A fashion designer, a jewelry maker, an illustrator, and a ceramic artist and the places that inspire them to create. These beautiful images, captured by photographer Olga Bennett, provide a fascinating behind -the-scenes view of the work spaces inhabited by creative folk. I think it's immediately evident that there are artists in residence. I can't help but think that even non-artistic types such as myself, would be inspired to get crafty in the midst of such digs.

The last two images are not a part of this series, but are in fact the basement studio of Angela, the blogger behind The Painted House blog. She happens to be an artist and she shares her studio with her children. I'm positively head over heels for the the beautiful space she's created and truth be told, jealous that the kiddos have such a bright, fun corner to call their own. Wish it were mine.

{images 1-13 via Olga Bennett Photography, images 14&15 via The Painted House Blog}
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Raina Cox said...

I'm beginning to think you won't post a photo that doesn't have "chewy" light. ;)



choice images so deep and so layered, where the dust sparkles in the light.

nkp said...

Raina: whatever do you mean? ;0)

Teri: so beautifully said. You just painted a picture in my mind.


I've probably said this about a hundred times already but I think this may be my favorite post ever. Oh. My. God. Olga Bennett's work is unbelievable! You know I'm going to save every one of these images (like I always do) so I can drool over them at my leisure.

Oh, and I was just at Erin's blog and you took the words right out of my mouth in your comment which is hilarious because the comment was that she took the words right out of your mouth! Too funny. We're all lunatics. Design lunatics.

Oh, and one more thing. I thought of you yesterday because I went to Provenance. Talk about insane. There was crazy good stuff in there!

I will now end the longest comment in history.

erin@designcrisis said...

Permission to go dark and broody (and chewy?) granted.


angela | the painted house said...

Thank you, Nelya! I love a room to get messy with the kids...and myself. :)