Monday, January 31, 2011

Phew. January who?

{warning: longest post ever}

2011 started off with a bang and has not let up since. Busy must be the word of the year, at least if January is any indication.

{dj granny}

And then it snowed (and snowed and get the picture)

Yes, that is the saddest little snowman ever. Remember, we are in the deep south and have little experience with such matters.

8 plus inches!!! (remember, we are in the deep south and have little experience with such matters)

After a week's worth of the white stuff enough was enough. We headed further south. To Hogwarts. Bet you didn't know it's in the sunny state of Florida.

Mmm, their first butterbeer. Yes, they're of age.

Yes, that's my son, a bra, and a dog. Sounds like the punchline to a risque joke. No, he's not of age.

Yes, that's an orangutan. Long story.

Scared outta his pants? Uh huh.

A fairytale ending.

So that was January. February, be kind. Mama's tired.
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classic • casual • home said...

Could they be any cuter? Mine is 18 and he still loves the Simpsons.
Mary Ann

my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you said...

adorbs. i can't wait to go to hogwarts!!!

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Oh my gosh!
Decor be damned this is the really meaty stuff!
How adorable can they possibly get? Killin' me here!
Now I see how you keep them in check -- backyard play set, indoor dj-ing and lots of dancing ;)
And where is this mythical land of Hogwarts?
We must arrange for an offspring pow-wow stat!
Hugs to the boys and to the tired Mama!

erin@designcrisis said...

Seriously, they are so ridiculously cute! It looks like you must be one busy mama, judging by all of their adventures.

The snowman pic is my fave.

nkp said...

Alcira- Mythical land of Hogwarts is Harry Potter's domain located in Orlando. Universal to be precise. It's awesome if you are a fan of the books!

Michelle said...

WOW!! So freaking cute, I can't stand it. I love that you guys took this trip, I would have loved to go! I think I love Hogwarts and Bart Simpson more than anyone! Your kids are going to be vera handsome young dudes, breaking hearts all over the place.

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

such handsome and active men! No wonder you are tired. I need a rest after watching all of that hardcore play :)

ps- will be emailing you that gray paint color whenever I find it!

ModFruGal said...

That snowmobile sled is da bomb! Let's hope you can use it again next year! Glad to hear a review on the new Hogwarts..I'd like to check it out. We went to the HP exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago (2009) and it was kind of a let down.

Lauren said...

Nelya- it looks like your cuties are having so much fun!!

And I definitely laughed out loud at their little snowman. hjahahaha too funny love it


ps- i'm dying to go to hogwarts!!

mb said...

Thanks for sharing the great pictures of your adorable kiddos and your fabulous adventures. You are a outstanding mom.

mb from Dallas

mb said...

Typo alert!!

"an outstanding mom"

mb from Dallas

nkp said...

Aw, thank you mb! I'm hugely flattered and so appreciate your kind words!

Hope you are well!

PS~Erin said...

AWESOME photos! Your kids so looks so happy. And I love when that cool barn door of yours shows up in the background!