Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baby Charlie

Meet Charlie. Precious Charlie. I haven't had the pleasure of making his acquaintance in person, but I am certain I would hardly be able to resist the charms of this beautiful, bubbly little boy. After all, I have three of my own and I can assure you, there is nothing, nothing quite like the charms of a sweet baby boy.

This is Sarah. Sarah is Charlie's mama. As a mama, oftentimes it is so difficult to ask for help. We mamas want to do it all and protect our cubs with all the ferocity a mama lion can muster. However, once in a while life throws you for a loop and when others step in to soften that blow, it is a blessing for you and for them. Sarah's Charlie is in need of surgery. Specifically, to treat a condition he has called Craniosynostosis. I am not a doctor, but to put it bluntly, Charlie's noggin will be operated on to surgically separate his skull plates that fused together while in the womb. You, me, all of us can imagine that the costs associated with such a procedure are astronomical. While I will certainly use my powers of prayer, and good thoughts, and mama juju to wish Charlie well, as well as pray for a full recovery, I will also do what I can to help this family shoulder the burden of the incumbent finances that go hand-in-hand with such an expensive medical procedure.

You can do the same, Every little bit counts and just imagine the mountain of bits we can create if everyone contributes what they are able. To add yours to the pile, go here.

P.S.- thank you. The power of the human spirit, of our generosity to help in times of need, is overwhelming. Feel free to go out and overwhelm.
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Raina Cox said...

Such good people. All of my thoughts, hopes and prayers are with the Greenmans.

(My W/V is "sante." Even the blogiverse wishes little Charlie the best of health.)

Karena said...

Nelya thanks for posting too. I posted last night, this morning went to order the notecards and all gone.

Sarah is going to let me know when they are back in stock.
Walker's art for his Charlie is fab!

Art by Karena

my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you said...

blogging is magical.
thank you for doing this.

btw..i HAVE met that little nugget and he is the bubbliest, sweetest, baby i ever did see.

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

A lovely post about the sweetest of little boys- so happy we could all come together to help this precious family. xo


I have read about this on several blogs today. It makes me physically sick to think of operating on such a small child. I can't imagine what Sarah is feeling.

erin@designcrisis said...

Your sweet sincerity is boundless. Best wishes to baby Charlie and his family from the bottom of my sad little heart.

susie q said...

I’m praying. Love you Nelya and sister bloggers for spearheading this!