Monday, February 20, 2012

The Art of Home Making

I know we all remember Olatz Schnabel's gorgeous watery blue bedroom and the amazing mix of textiles and art adorning the space. Well, here's a peek at the rest of her beautiful, wonderfully eclectic SoHo home. It's romantic and old-fashioned and yet, still completely comfortable in a 21st century kind of way.

{images via The New York Times, see more of her work on her new interior design site at Interiors by Olatz}

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ModernSauce said...

Never get tired of seeing that bedroom. I really love the art placement - it's like "yeah, I have cool art but I'm going to partially obstruct it with curtains because that's just how awesome these curtains are." And we all agree.

The rest of the place is ridonkulous too, obviously.

mb said...

Oh the textures and colors in her place make me swoon.

Anonymous said...

Lord, some people are born with a silver spoon. How lovely, it's almost like a dream. Maybe in the next life.

My Interior Life said...

Such a cool vibe - something we should all aspire to - a home that is unique and personal.