Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I've been all smug, friends. Patting myself on the back and telling you that despite desperately wanting to keep every MINTY good that crosses our doorstep, I've held strong. Been resolute. Well, up until now, I have. However, everything changed when I found these amazing pieces below. Gorgeous vintage, woven Guatemalan textiles in the most beautiful rainbow of color and pattern. Oh yeah, and then there's the mirrored frame. With gold detailing to boot. Yep, I'm a goner, all that puffed-upedness gone out the door. Game changer.

It all started with the one above, now hanging in Susie's amazing home. I discovered it at the most fabulous estate sale. It belonged to a world traveler in every sense of the word. Quickly I snagged it and took it straight to MINTY. Then Susie saw it, couldn't resist the siren call of textile goodness, and promptly took it home. Done. It's the perfect partner to her sublimely framed vintage scarf.

Seems innocent enough, right? However, I could not stop thinking about its sisters. Long story short, a series of phone calls later and the remaining treasure was mine. My intentions were pure. I had every plan to offer these lovely textiles to you, our sweet MINTY friends. And then I brought them home and all hope was lost. I decided I can't part with the giant square beauty below, but I'm not completely greedy. The two other rectangular lovelies are available to a good home. They are bright and beautiful and also treated to that fabulous mirrored frame.

The rectangular panels measure 36" wide x 18" high and there are two available at $325 each. If you're interested, email us here. First come, first served...once they're gone, sadly, they are all gone.

But, that's not all. As I mentioned, to say that these came from the home of a well-seasoned world traveller would be a huge understatement. Remember these sexy, shiny stools? Yep, same seasoned world traveler. Lucky for us, in addition to the Guatemalan panels, we have available these beautiful Panamanian Molas. Handmade using a reverse applique technique, these stunning textiles are wonderfully graphic.

They measure approximately 29" wide x 24" high, with slight variation. Priced at $200 apiece (total of 4 available) they would make a wonderful addition to a gallery wall, or can easily hold their own as a singular bold statement.

If you would like more information on any of these pieces, please email us at MINTY and we will happily provide all the details. In the meantime, I promise to keep my paws off all future MINTY finds. Pinkie swear.

Although, since I'm spilling all the beans today, I must confess that at this very moment I am having a very difficult time keeping those aforementioned paws off this.

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ModFruGal said...

That must have been quite the estate sale...beautiful finds!

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

oh. my. I am going to try and find a way to fit these into the budget. GORGEOUS!!!

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

Wow. Just Wow. Blown away by these amazing finds. Good for you for keeping one!

Erin said...

I really don't know how anything makes it into the store... I would be forced to keep EVERYTHING!

Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

those are pretty cool. I especially love the mirrored frames. You don't see that very often. My favorite is the scarf!

My Interior Life said...

That's almost too much goodness for one post, Nelya! And I'm so proud of you for keeping one - you deserve it!!

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Anonymous said...

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