Wednesday, March 28, 2012

These Are a Few of My Favorite...Pins!

Love the rustic vibe and I don't know if it's simply the light, or if the walls are really a wonderfully watery blue stain, but I am transfixed.

Ok, now the fact that I am intrigued by this one is, well, intriguing. I'm not normally one who heeds the siren call of pastels, but I'm really enjoying the way they warm up those brushed concrete walls. Oh, and the rug...I'm really enjoying that rug.

The window. Oh lord, the window.

Black. Lacquered. Kitchen. Sheesh, what's not to like.

I'm feeling all zen-like just looking at this. Om....

{images via my Pinterest, yeah, I'm hooked}

P.S.- We MINTY gals love nothing more than spotting one of our fabulous finds on one of our favorite sites. This time it's an amazing OKL Tastemaker Tag Sale and these fun pear and apple condiment servers. The OKL version are, sadly, sold out. $199 for the pair.

Aaah, but here's our MINTY version. Wonderfully whimsical brass containers with a beautiful vintage patina. Unlike the OKL pair, ours come with the original glass liners and a perfectly fitted wee brass spoon. They make the ideal finishing touch for your holiday table, brunch table, or a simply lovely Mother's Day gift. And, at $45 each, you can have all four for the price of the OKL pair. Can you say, steal! Visit MINTY on FB for more information.

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mb said...

I know what you mean about being favorites. The infused blue dining room makes me swoon.


agnes szucs said...

whenever i see a glass wall like that i start longing for a proper studio! oh, my!

love the pastel one, too!

agnes / iiiinspired

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

Haha you succumbed to Pinterest! Please keep sharing.

Following you there now :)

ajt said...

Thought I'd share, and maybe you already know this, but the outdoor picture with the Soleri Bells is from Cosanti in Scottsdale, AZ. A very cool place to visit.
Another great picture of that area:

MFAMB said...

black lacquer.

nkp said...

Naomi, I did, I did! Peer pressure and all.... ;0)

Hello, ajt! I did not already know that! Thanks for the link and thank you for visiting!

Cris Angsten said...

I don't usually care for pastels either - but that rug made me want to sit on the couch, with my bare toes massaging the pile.

pete said...

Love copper and all metal shapes, great selection in your article !