Saturday, March 16, 2013

Game On.

It's soccer Saturday.  Heck, around here, it's soccer everyday.  We are finally coming out of the winter doldrums and the forecast calls for 73 beautiful degrees.  Hello sunscreen!

And in case you were wondering about the photo above, yes, it was a goal.

Happy almost Spring, friends.

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Leah said...

wow! what a little athlete! adorable.

A Perfect Gray said...

yes. absolutely adorable.

mb said...

Airborne athlete...and so darling. Enjoy this wonderful chapter in your life.

Judy C said...

That's an awesome photo. Cutie.

nelya said...

Thanks ladies! and Judy C, welcome! So happy you stopped by.

My Interior Life said...

That photo is priceless and your little guy is precious! My son has been playing this spring too and is finally coming into his own and looking like a real soccer player. He scored two goals last weekend and the first goal of the game this past weekend. So proud. Such fun!

Jeane M. said...

Simply adorable little mister. Love the energy. Got my eye on your next posts.

A Cat From London said...

It's look like a "Super Saturday" !

kelly said...

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