Friday, November 21, 2008

en francais

C'est tres jolie, non? {so pretty}. So how much are tickets to France these days?

-all pretty pictures from the amazing{Marie Claire Maison}


K said...

Hi NKP, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and your sweet comment.

(And truly, I think your boys are too cute for me to ever be annoyed with - they're gorgeous!)

I love that second photo - I have a bit of a book/bookshelf fetish. And, of course, all of those Cottage Living photos - what a shame to see it go :(

The City Sage said...

I just adore all the images that MCM has ever done. The third to last image with the throws draped over the sofa is one of my all time faves!

Though I do wish their image galleries were a little easier to navigate...I mean, I even speak french and I still have a hard time finding stuff on their slightly disorganized website...know what i mean? or am i just nuts here...

nelya said...

Hello Kathryn, I've been enjoying taking a peek at your blog. You've got a sharp sense of humor! As for the bookshelves, I hear ya, I have a bit of a fetish myself.

Hi Anne- my french consists of 4 years of high school study, and that was some time ago, so not too much intentional searching done on my part on the MCM sight, just skipping from one sigh-inducing snapshot to the next!