Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Abuzz with Color





{all images via flickr, linked to source}


susieq said...

Oh, I just love these photos. I want to sit right down at that table of beautifully mismatched china and linens and enjoy a glass of wine. Perfect.

Amanda said...

Oh wow - I love the butterfly bouquet! Gives me ideas for my someday wedding. :0)

And I'd KILL for walls of books like that - literally kill. Ok, not really. Maybe maim.

Love your blog!

Alexis said...

Wowza, I love those! I'm so sick of beiges and other tepid hues. Bring on the color!

nkp said...

Thanks Amanda, I'm glad you like my little ol' blog. So glad you popped in, welcome! I have a bit of a thing for walls of books as well, in fact I think maiming in the name of such a great cause is completely justifiable! ;0)

"Bring on the color"...sounds like a call to battle, Alexis...I'm in!

PS~Erin said...

That peacock spread is gorgeous! I've never seen one done with reds. Wow. I absolutely love it!!

Raina said...

That butterfly bouquet would be adorable for wee wedding attendants.