Thursday, July 16, 2009


This charming Catskills cottage was purchased and renovated on a shoestring budget. Granted the place was in a rather sad state, hence the $95,000 price tag. But considering it came with 8 and a half wooded acres and a barn to boot, I'd say that was a pretty. darn. good. deal. Throw in a pair of novice, but handy twenty-something New Yorkers with big dreams and you've got yourself a sweet DIY retreat. When I say this was done on a shoestring budget, I'm not exaggerating. The couple did virtually all repairs and fix-ups on their own and spent $12,352 on the renovations and decorating combined. Amazing what a little confidence, some really good sleuthing skills and a touch of elbow grease can accomplish. I'm duly impressed. Read the entire story here.
{all images via NY Times}


ticklishfromadistance said...

I love this story. Really inspiring. It is amazing the corners you can cut with some creativity and sheer will!

mary said...

I know, isn't this place great? I went crazy over it. These 2 have a great eye.

urbansardines said...

you just blogged about my dream ;-)
Except I'm not a handy 20 something, but I'm a sort of handy and fairly determined 30-somthing--does that count?

nkp said...

Hey urbansardines! Of course it counts...I'm a fairly determined 30 something myself.

A. said...

Love it, and charming is the exact word that I was thinking to describe it. I'm sure it was fun and probably frustrating at times too.

nkp said...

Well hi there A.! So glad to hear from you. Welcome!