Monday, November 23, 2009

{Mon}Daily Pretty

The tile alone is enough to send me to the moon and back. Yes, I have serious tile issues. But then there's the chippy, peely double doors and the simple white bedding set against that riot of color...I'm done for, seriously done for.

{image via studio aandacht}


susieq said...

I love those doors. They are chippy peely perfection. And the tilework is stunning.

Anonymous said...

Totally opulent - my eyes are in love!

Raina Cox said...

Oh Honey, you are speaking to my Moroccan-livin' fantasies.

erin@designcrisis said...

Shiny and pretty!

jamesxvi said...

Hello Nelya,

Thanks for you comments about Garvinweasel. The room you posted for the contest is cool! I love the barndoor, an thinking now about how to use one here! Also like the driftwood, did you notice the driftwood in the center of my window?

You have some beautiful things on your blog, I will follow and see you soon.

Also thanks for being first 'follower' on my blog!

Kind regards,

vintage simple said...

Oh, my. I love the doors... And the white bed. And I love that you are head over heals for that tile..! ;)


prashant said...

What a fabulous color on the planters too.

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