Monday, December 28, 2009

Through the Lense

There's something really inviting about these photos. Like peeking through someone's window when you know you shouldn't...but you really want to. The dappled light, the tinge of blue, as though they were dipped in the slightest hint of inky watercolor. Yes, something really wonderful is happening here.
{images via photographer Derek Salwell}


Raina Cox said...




OMG - gorgeous.

The last one? Looks like Jesus has his tit hanging out. Sorry, I think like a 12-year-old 99.82% of the day.

nkp said...

Hahahaha....yes, Jesus! I was thinking the very same thing. Went back and forth about posting that one, but I guess the J man spoke to me. Just couldn't avert his gaze!

As for the twelve year old boy aspect, ha, you think that bothers me for even a second?!? Girl, I'm surrounded by penises ( is that plural correct????) all damn day long. Nothing, I mean NOTHING, phases me! ;0)

my favorite and my best said...

i just nominated u for a homie award on apartment therapy. homie.