Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Quintessentially British

Welcome to The Olde Bell. Steeped in history, this boutique hotel first opened its doors in 1135. I think they've done a little bit of renovating since and I love how the old and new manage to commingle beautifully.

My favorite detail has to be those cleverly draped restaurant booths.
Gorgeous woven blankets in traditional prints, held snugly in place by what appears to be a leather strap. Like I said, a perfect marriage of the old and the new.

{images courtesy of Welcome Beyond}

**p.s.- for those of you who took the day off yesterday, be sure to visit yesterday's beautiful home tour**

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my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you said...

you posted this just for me right?

dying over the blanket goodness.

mb said...

This place is off the M4 going from London out towards my in-laws place in Wiltshire. I plan on checking it out the next time we are across the pond.

I do love the mix of clean lines and antiquity.

mb from Dallas

susie q said...

Oh I love those homespun coverlets. That's exactly where my eye went first! I have an old one I was given as a gift. I think I'll pull it out and fold it at the end of the bed. Thanks for that!

nkp said...

Jenny, I did!

Tamara said...

Perhaps I'll relocate my Ikea sheepskin rug to a chair - never thought of using it in this way, but looks tres cozy.