Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Artist Claudio Bravo

You know how you spot an image and then follow a link and by the time you're all done you're not sure how you arrived at your final destination. Well, I spotted this beautiful bedroom in Sara Ruffin Costello's latest article for the WSJ and just had to see more of this home. Unfortunately, I couldn't locate more images online, however the wild goose chase led me to discover the work of artist Claudio Bravo.

Bravo, a Chilean artist, lived and worked in Morocco. Here are but a few of his amazing hyper-realist masterpieces. Are you as fascinated as I am by by the perfect depictions of everyday objects. I literally want to crawl into one of these beautiful paintings.

Bravo Mr. Bravo, bravo!

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Interior Design Musings said...

The second looks like a photograph! Unbelieveable. M.

nkp said...

Agreed. Totally unvelievable! Thanks for stopping by, Mandi.

Michelle said...

Oh wow, those colors are so pure and perfect pitch. Check out the texture on that rug in the still life! Dude has serious chops.

Erin said...

Love them all but that top painting is magnificent.

mb said...

The bedroom is exceptionally beautiful.

mb from big D.

My Interior Life said...

Yes, bravo! Some people's talent amazes me. Gave your blog a shout out today for freeing me from my mantel block (instead of mental block, ha, I'm hilarious)!