Monday, August 13, 2012

Wee Bit of Indigo

This one's for you, Mb.

Hello, Hello! Where did the summer go? Back to school is the official motto in our house. Those long summer days are behind us and homework and soccer practice fill up the calendar. Nonetheless, my head is in the clouds, or, more accurately, at the beach. I want to park my seat on that chaise above and gaze mindlessly at the pool + ocean view. Wishful thinking, but a girl can dream.

{images via AD Spain, courtesy of Isabel Lopez-Quesada, spotted on ECLECchic}
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mb said...

Ah, my friend. If you could only see my smile. Ear to ear. Laughing while I post. Thank you.
You are the very best and have an awesome eye for lovely things.

Leah said...

gasp! love every image.

ModernSauce said...

I'm kinda obsessed with red and blue together right now so this is all very - as the bloggers say - dreamy.

Welcome back to the internet!

My Interior Life said...

Can I go with you? Love all these (along with MB)! Pinning them very shortly. We're back in the swing of things too now. Crazy how fast summer goes sometimes. I love the blue with red and pink and now black too.

nkp said...

Thank you, mb, for the inspiration! And thanks for stopping by ladies, long time no "see." ;0)

And Kathy, anytime, I'm always planning a virtual getaway.

my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you said...

yum yum to all of it.

i am going to the beach on monday and i can promise you that were we are staying looks nothing like that.

cabinets NJ said...

These pictures are lovely. The designs are just great. Details and color combinations just made everything perfect. I so love the bedroom with blue and green mix-up because the colors are just so natural-looking. Anyway, I would also love to just sea by the pool and relax while enjoying the view. Thank you for sharing this post. Everyone can dream of beautiful things every now and then!

canada bees exterminator said...

So many pretty things here, well finished and maintained.

cabinets Almont MI said...

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