Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Swedish(?), Danish(?), who Care-ish...I'll take me some-o-that(!)

I've not a clue as to the native tongue of this publication, but these images speak volumes to me nonetheless.

{all photos via skona hem spotted on the delightful, always makes me smile, maryruffle}


Raina said...

Girlfriend, you are such a nightowl!

Or is it that this is your "me" time?

Love all of the photos BTW.

nkp said...

Check all of the above. Between my years of higher education all-nighters and my years of nursing babies all-nighters, I can function at all hours. But you better believe I'll be paying for it in the morning.

The Nerdy Fashionista said...

all I can think of is the text at the beginning of Monty Python & the Holy Grail.

nkp said...

I've seen the movie NerF, ages ago, but that reference is lost on me. Sorry, I'm functioning on minimal sleep, ALOT of coffee, and after three children, significantly fewer brain cells than I once possessed! :0(

mary said...

I know! I don't even really know where to GO on Skona Hem. I just follow the pictures!

Although today I wanted to find something with yellow in it, so I looked up the Swedish word for "yellow" and then searched for it at Skona Hem. It worked!

(Although, don't ask me what the word for yellow was. I've already forgotten...haha...)

Alexis said...

Yes, please!